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Focus AQ - by Veenu

Ok so we last said our focus was BWL. Well it's not, it's AQ20 and ZG. BWL is there for when we can get 40 people online between the two guilds, and that seems to be rare.

So we adapt as we always do, doing what we can with what we have, and it's paying off.

We were unstoppable, chopping through things with great speed.
Even Moam was easy.
Hmm, ok so we are stoppable. So we tried again.
Euthynos was AFK, but that shouldn't be a problem right?
So we lost again, and came back 2 days later to finish the job.
And we lost again! But then we won.
A clear victory.
Thuggo always died jumping down to Buru, and we mean always.
So we looted up and went onto the anubis guys.
We "mastered" their ways and went forward.
To a new boss.
These 20 man dungeons are well done. Now that we have more time to dedicate to them I hope we can get to the end bosses. Often.

We also had a group successful with the 45 minute Barron run. 2 priests, druid, warrior, rogue. But the event was bugged alas.

And Linina is our first hunter to complete her epic this morning. Great job!!!

Now for a Very Special Update, we had a Scavenger Hunt on Saturday. Check it out!

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