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Triumph - by Veenu

Phank has a hard time getting a 20 people online at the same time to raid. This makes it hard to do new things for us. To have a good shot, you want the Blizzard tested amount of people.

So many a BWL raids and AQ20's have been canceled due to lower numbers. For example, Friday's AQ20.

As usual we always beat the first boss with 14-16 but then get the smack down on the second event. And we just don't have enough raid time to give it a buncha tries in a row.

However due to our low numbers not letting us give BWL a fair shot, we juggled our raid nights about, putting BWL on the most popular raid day, Sunday. Because we can do MC with 30 (with our joint raiders HoS), it doesn't hurt us much to move it to a less popular night like Thursday.

So this Sunday we killed Onyxia first. (click here for a pict from Brithrax on it)

But the most we had was 33. So BWL was out. So our two guilds split up and went to AQ20.
And for the first time that I can remember we had 20 people in AQ20, all phank. So a quick kill on boss one, and onto the pain.
We lost early and horribly.
After waiting for the NPC's to spawn we went again.
And still sucked it up. All of us so boggled why we were stinking. Why were our priests dying early, why were they needing to heal so much. So we waited...
And we went again. And lost. So we waited.
And we lost a couple people, gained a couple different people, including one of our few druids. So now we had a druid, but we were 19. We moved groups about, utilizing our new knowledge and our shamans better.
And we got to the end boss!
And then the NPC dude died. Which is bad.
So we all died, and went again, knowing this would be the win.
Loth went LD, but we had made it pretty far and no deaths yet.
And we got to the boss again....
And we won. We killed the second boss in AQ20 in house.

Now I know getting past the second boss in house may bore some of you. Especially those that can produce 20 people any night and can raid for 5 hours+ each night. But for us, we do what we can with what we have. And these are our victories. It matters not what others are doing, getting, or that they can beat it with a Shaman and a Shadow Priest played by their grandma.

The glory feels the same, and better to share it with friends. And onward, to what is familiar to some phankers, but all new to others....

Ah progress. It's a big part of video games. Hopefully we will see some progress in BWL soon too. And beat that damn second boss. Yay Friends + Challenge. When you are missing one of those you might as well be in a chat room or a 1 player.
As Phank preaches all the time, it doesn't matter if you are fighting the biggest end boss in the game or the smallest 5man. If it's challenging and kicked your asses a bunch the win feels the same. Ah Triumph....
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