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This update is for Lilrith and Neelthak who have had to go through their own battles in the past two weeks.

Hugs from all of Phank!

We went in and immediately wiped out two times.
We quickly adjusted (stopped doing silly things) and then you could feel the climb to a well oiled machine.
And well fed.
Spoiler alert... Just a couple shots of events you might not want to see if you haven't been there. So scroll ahead past the Scholo stuff if you don't wanna see it.
We decided to wipe one more time for luck!
It was my first time at the zombie derby, or some call it zombie bowling I think. Very fun.
For many of us it was our first time finishing Scholo. Good times. Another raid happened in Scholo also this week.
We also had many fun adventures in all the usual instances. Here are some shots from Nobby.
Awesome shots Nobbs. 

Now Gain has some kinda smack talk macro program. It's quite shocking.

So Jumpp (Grond) got jealous and made his own manually.
And so on...
Ah life is good, Phank is happy and laid back, new adventures being found in an 8 month old game (Year old for the betas!) and summer is a comin. Do Dorito's have bat guano in them? Zandor says they do.
Phank is a gaming community of friends and family. Phank on!
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