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RP, BWL, AQ - by Veenu

Our Blackwing Lair raid schedule continues, and with much success this week. We had been honing a strat that was working, but still was a bit crazy. So this week we decided to try a strat that members of both guilds have been talking about for a month or so.

We DPS'ers were quite happy with this new strat, because we got to be oh so powerful.

This strat involved a lot less crowd control and a lot more boom. Each corner is high DPS and kills everything but dragonkin.
It was glorious. We had the right raid make-up and the right execution. It was not chaotic at all, which we had never experienced on Razorgore.
So onto Vael for the first time in months.
And we did great in there too, our tank swaping was beautiful.

Now we thought we had it down, but when we returned later that week to spank Razorgore again, we were met with that old feeling of chaos in Razorgores room. It had to do with a few things, the least of which involved a raid with 10 priests and really bad lag with LD's happening mid fight to the MA's/MT's and other key players.

So even when you have the strat down, to something so beautiful, when a few things go wrong.... oh well, we shall have our revenge this week and get that vael down in less dedicated hours than most. So we went to Onyxia instead and killed her right away, but with more whelp spawns than I have ever seen before. Wave after wave of whelps in the 3rd phase. Insane.
We are running out of things we need from her however. So Kozzae sent in a great photo series on a joint raid night in AQ20. I shall let the pictures do the talking:
Great job Kozz on capturing the night!

Now some of you may be on servers that melted this week. We were on one, and so we had to entertain ourselves in other ways. Some went to the movies or did things in meatspace. Others went to our old RP server.

Good times.
Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend! And congrats to Gastnot and his latest addition to the family! Phankers seem to be having babies this year left and right. We shall have to do a Very Special Baby Update at the end of the summer.

See you next monday, with some real glory in that damn BLW!

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