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Monday we set up for Molten Core.

We had some big names, but it wasn't enough. So we went to our plan B. Upper Blackrock Spires.
But we had no tank and were still shy on numbers so we went to Plan C.
We were all ready for Bigg to tank, and then Zobb logged on to the rescue.
However he was used against us!
But we kicked his ass.
And then we added more phankers and continued onto Plan D.
And then onto Plan E!
And that was Monday. We didn't do what we set out to do... in style.

I took a lot of screenshots this week, so forgive the long update. We also gained a gagle of new Phankers this week from Linina's work and Plagues roomate. And the same old instances we have done a million times somehow are getting funner and funner.

Our Hunters all have the newest Prada Pet.
We also got 4 phankers their dragon kills on Sunday.
And that stupid Princess keeps evading our win. One day Princess! One day!
Aundine, Cruella and Euthynos were all having serious internet issues this week.
Many phankers were at E3, so we had to improvise, like Gracor playing Jumpp.
Herb addicts hurt their friends too.
More big names....
So Monday was awesome, Sunday was great too, Saturday... Thursday... Damn it was all fun.
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