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BWL Phocus - by Veenu

This was the first week in our glorious "Beat BWL" raid schedule. We are now going to dedicate 2-3 nights instead of 1 (which was rare to happen anyways) a week to this venture.

It was a total blast. When we have a full raid we are damn tight. For those of you guilds out there that don't raid every night all it takes is practice + the same basic strat each night to win. Each time you change a large element (like who controls the orb) you are going to face a few tries adjusting to it at first. And for those of us that don't raid every night, getting a bunch of tries in a row is always harder. So have faith! We will get to that new Naxxblabla instance with the right focus, without sacrificing our lives to do it!
We love action shots, and we love it when a fight comes down to a few people and it wins.
-from xexor
We also had an amazing run at Zul Grub. A nice full raid of amazing power. Priests were unable to shield we were killing things so fast.
Meanwhile we got a buncha Phankers their attunements.
BWL, you are on notice.
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