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Molten Core

This week we did our first working triad raid with Hex and Maris Saevio in Molten Core. I was surprised with how exciting it was.

The Triad takes turns leading each, and this time Maris led.

Here we are entering the zone. There arn't any real spoilers in this one, unless knowing the zone is red and has fire-like mobs in it is a spoiler.

Brithrax sent in some of these shots with his uber computer.

It seems this is where the Beasts family hangs out. Must be the lava views.
We had a totem forest everywhere we went. But surprisingly only one mage in the whole raid! And with the lame water! This mage must be such a slacker....
Yes, that mage was me. But we also brought a whole lotta priests to make up for that.
And then we did something tricky and died horribly.
Of course we did something tricky again and died horribly again.

Other than the ending of death, we were damn tight for a first attempt, let alone for three different guilds working together. It was smooth and very challenging. 

We talked about our guilds goals this week, and what we should focus on. Turns out what everyone wants to do is pretty close to what we are doing. A nice slow and steady climb to Onyxia and MC mixed with a little random instance action..
We did a speed BRD trip, so many Phankers coming to help others get MC flagged.
Speaking of priest looks, check out Thuggo the Warlock/Priest:
And it's Orphan Week. I have a feeling some people may abuse their power...
- Sethra sent this in
Again a very diverse week. We seem to be able to do all the content around, just on a slower timeline. Which works out fine for us...
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