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I caught two great little instance runs, one I was in and one Gracor sent in. Also a bit of Molten Core from Friday. And Mvak visited IRC from across the ocean.

First Zul. My first time through I actually never completed it in the proper fashion.
But we did it.
Then we went to do another event that we had never done either, that kicked our buts in beta. And we did it. Lots of fun.

On Friday we went into MC again with just two guilds.

Our numbers were low because Phankers tend to do stuff on Fridays but it was still fun and was nice to see us mesh so well.
It's awesome to have the new wave of Phankers in there, as you can see Bdigg working very hard scratching his butt below.
Good times. So now for our third tale, of a buncha Phanks on their next climb through levels.
Most of these names speak for themselves, but Grimlash = Subvertio and Yoink = Salabak.

They went into Wailing Caverns and planned to do the whole place. As they got close to finishing they got lost and spent some time running about.

But they eventually found it, and many of them had never seen the end of this zone just like I had not seen Zul's.
Here's a little spoiler shot of the ending.
Many Phankers tested out the battlegrounds.
Canthan has been getting bored and made a new hero. Then immediately got bored with the new hero.
-from Sethra
-from Sethra
It was a nice week with lots of new character fun and generally a buncha new things over all. And congratulations to Elidroth on his new baby!
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