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Let the Chaos Begin - by Cru

Some weeks are filled with smooth, fast, successful events. Others are not.

Guess which kind this week turned out to be!

This week's update actually begins with last week's Molten Core raid. We were missing lots of regular peeps at the raid -- many were on vacation, seeing the sights, getting some sun, leaving us poor vacation-wannabees to struggle on our own in the big, mean instance. The raid moved... rather... slowly. Not to mention that it started with a bit of time confusion.
We're not really sure why, but people seemed to be forgetting how to do fights we've done many, many times before. It was not our smoothest of raids, let's just say. And sometimes it was just bad luck.
But it did make for a cool graveyard screenshot. Look closely...
Our <bad> luck continued and we found ourselves at Majordomo with a mage shortage. Tanzen stuck around long enough for us to make an attempt; sadly we did not have success.
Tanzen had to dash, leaving us with 3 mages for our next attempt. Could we pull it off? A little adjustment here and there... then, success! Challenge overcome. But at that point it was getting late, and we decided to let Ragnaros live that night.
Oh yes, there was a BRD trip prior to the MC raid.
And then there was Onyxia. She did not give up easily. We eventually brought her down, but ugh it was close even then.
But oh well, a win is a win!
We headed into Blackwing Lair later in the week. See that egg? Imagine it there almost the whole raid. Nix to a Razorgore win.
But something miraculous did happen that raid. The long-awaited gathering of warlocks... Prepare to meet your doom! (And doom in fact did come about...)
We did a joint trip into Zul'Gurub, as well -- over a two-night period.
First, I have to say, that I am so happy to be an undead warlock. This gnome lock outside ZG -- well, it's just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
The second night, the raiders went all the way to Hakkar. Some day, Hakkar, you're going down...
The week ended with another venture into Molten Core.
The first part of Molten Core was relatively typical. On through Lucifron we went.Then we reached Magmadar. Horned asked Moomoom whether he'd be interested in tanking the big beast.
Here's what we were reading:
We're trying to convince Moomoom to tank, and suddenly we realize... he already is tanking.
Teamspeak chaos ensued. People rushed to get over there. We all could barely fight and heal through all the laughter. And yet, Mooooooomooooooom Jenkins did a great job tanking, peeps pulled together fast to get the heals and dps going, and we won.
Much of the rest of the raid continued as normal. Darn.
But we did have 12 warriors!
And this time, Rag met his end.
Here's a shot Canthan sent in from Guild Wars. Thanks, Canthan!
And I scrolled through some not-so-old screenshots and found a few to add to the update.
Have a great week, Phank!
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