Naughty Update

As you know, Phank is split between a few games right now. All of which happen to have some kind of nudity this week or sexual innuendo. Even a mission in EVE, a game where your avatar consists of a head and ship gave Gracor a quest that the questgiver said you would "Give up a ball for."

Lineage sure did kick it off on the naughty streak. They are not even kidding themselves with the women. They are all hot, all sexy, and all in skirts. Olriech captured these skirt-tastic images for you:

But wait, there's more.
And now, using the finest shoe-mirror technology, Olriech brings you this:
That is probably the worst shot of this update, but I had to warn you anyways. But the fun didn't stop there.  WoW has it's share of undies too.
And Final Fantasy has... Well let's take a look. Nobbynob sent these great picts in:
They are getting into some great high level adventures now, Svolthoh says the game really changes at the high end in a good way.
Seems Nobby's embassy is missing.
Ah, there's a little sexual innuendo!
Here they are on the tower climb. It's a fun trip!
Nobby got some beautiful shots!
Gobii fell down a trap door here:
Wow, looks like it's cherry blossom season in game!
Nice Nobby, those were great picts!
So the funny thing is, 2 years ago the update was the Nudity and Ass update, and one year ago the update was this:
Funny how it's a bit of both right now. Oh, and we have a leet blog now. Just like them leet guilds.

This just in! Some picts of Lola/Vader in Gunbound :

Check out his pimped out look!
And more just in! Some of the boys went to Vegas Fan Faire, see Elidroth winning 10k!

More picts to come as Tharkis, Glaur, and Jalynfane send them or blog them :P

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