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Spring Storm

Phank is like a tree. We started small, with a very strong base, and people began adding friends or family members over the years. This branched us out into what we are today, around 30-40 active members. This week one of our branches was blown away in a long and hard storm.

It wasn't like a break-up "It's not you it's me" it was like a divorce "You've changed."

And truthfully I would rather have a divorce from these people than a break up. They were very dear to us even if the last couple months were anything but joyous. That's what happens in long term intense relationships. It get's intense. It gets mean.

In our anger we search for "why." We blame. Just like a divorce we convince ourselves that we were right and they were wrong. We point to any number of reasons for why. Based on rumor and partial information we piece together what happened, and more times than not, we are wrong.

The truth is people grow apart. Priorities change. Common enemies change. We change.

But those that stayed continue to do what we do.


- Cruella (here lvl 56) the last person standing using her wand in defiance.
And kicking ass.
- flawless clean wins don't make the best screenshots ;)
We do what we do.
- April Fools joke to some Phank enchanters.
(helped a human)
Phank is a strong tree. This was not our first storm, and it won't be our last, but I am glad to endure the harsh winds with you.

Phank on.

Phank is a gaming community of friends and family. Phank on!
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