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Razorgore down - by Veenu

All the chips are falling into place now that Ragnaros is dead. We knew that was a huge mountain, and now that we are over it we expect a steady stream of successes.

So let's get to it. Razorgore killed on one of the most laggy nights in a while.

It was a great feeling for us all, but it felt easy, like now that everyone knew what to do it was just execution. And it wasn't even close, we stomped it. So we gathered up for the next boss, the number one killer in all of WoW. Vaelastrasz, our old friend.
There was much death.
The joke here, is that he starts that low.....
Ok this fight is going to take a while to win, and I hear it's going to be a lot of fun for individuals to be singled out as raid wipers on this boss. Oh the joy!

Speaking of joy, as I said earlier, we are going to have a steady stream of wins now and a nice progression through WoW. However leave it to Spjank and Phank to suck it up on something we have done a million times, and even have down to 3 hours.

Molten Core.

Can you tell me what's wrong with this picture?

That's right, no Domo. No Domo!!! We forgot a rune douse! Amazing. I am sure most guilds don't put this stuff on their updates, but well, it was hillarious.

So everyone is standing there, a rogue team went to try and douse it (we concluded it was Mag's rune) to no avail. So faced with a choice we talked it out. Clear back to Mag's room, then warlock back to Domo, then clear to Rag, or just call it a night and punish ourselves for sucking it up.

Somehow the optimists won, and we decided to go through the hard work, with our odd ass raid make up (3 priests for example) and downed Ragnaros an hour or so later. Triumph over our own silliness, a good feeling.

That screenshot is from something Jaly's working on. Hopefully we will have more for you soon.
Did we mention we beat Razorgore with the totem bug in full effect? Ah it was a good week for Phank. Triumph over a very hard mob (razor) and triumph over our own forgetfulness instead of just walking away.
For those of you that missed our april fools joke, here it is!
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