New land, same Phankers!

Check out Baptiste's wing helm and spiky ass shield! Shadowbane has been at worst a trying experience and at best amazing. You start on the newbie continent. Zatar = Tabris, Melvin = Epi.

It can be pretty lame dying because you have to run a lot to get back to your corpse, that was probably looted already. Newbie land is a trying time. Good thing it does not last long! Here is Gracor (Nuno) and I after we dinged 21. Our newbie shields go grey, and we must "repledge" to a city.
We knew exactly where to go. I had no idea what to expect. First we left to the main bazaar called Khar. It is some trashy place, that as soon as you leave the city walls you get PK'ed. We trained up, and then went on to the promise land - Diva's guild Tempest. I still have no idea of the map in Shadowbane. I can't even tell what continent Tempest is on, but I figure it is the green one. We got there, and our friend from the boards, Olriech, took care of us. Olriech has his names on almost all the buildings in this town, and runs it with Diva and a couple others. He took us to our first Tempest area hunting.
He said we were going to go kill drakes. You all know what drakes look like from EQ right?
So you will understand my reaction when this came out of the fog:
So that was just plain fun. Meanwhile, Korus and Gracor got accepted into Hoss.
And playing that old uber game of arrowed :)
We also teamed up with some more Phankers in Tempest.
Check out Aundine's bad ass swords. And look at the cool snare spell effect on the Spearmaiden. Also, she and a couple others can actually fly!!!
Also chatted in IRC.
We have all had to group with some rather interesting characters in SB.
Also with some really phankish types.
And Tempest declared war on a PK city. They are busy getting siege weapons ready to actually do some damage (you need siege weapons to wreck buildings.) But due to this, I got to see some PK action!
So some crazy assassin snuck into our city. He assassinated Ayn. A bunch of us ported to town for vengance. There is no see invis except for one class. So it is hard to see a very good assassin. But he got greedy and tried to assassinate a rank 5 rogue. We saw him!
It was soooo fun. Speaking of fun - you will be assimilated....
Vamp on.
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