A Very Special Update Brought to you by Kinthalas ^^

The Phankers have been doing a lot lately. In game and in the thing called Real Life. this week, we are delving into the personal lives of some of the members of Phank. But first there was some fun to be had in game.

Gobii, Saduj, Teia and Skittle are grouped up in Gustav Tunnel..

Svolthoh and Kaellana hanging out together as always.
Jumpp spent the week scouring the newspapers for neat stories.
Zagtor is doing the school thing. He owns all his classmates when it comes to getting the right answer!

Jaly was arrested for skinny dipping.
Olriech is in to gardening. Who would have thought that!?
Gracor went out for a night on the town.
Baptiste took some time off of school to go for a walk in the woods.
Mos watched some scary movies over the weekend.
Aundine hates having her picture taken in the morning...
Naydien takes a nap after a long day of chasing... mice?
Mvakai visits Chernobyl.
Crash decided to run a marathon between writing all his killer reviews. He left everyone else in the dust!
Glaur's girlfriend had to give him CPR.
Subvertio went out too, but didn't fare quite as well as Gracor...
Kinthalas has been pondering the meaning of life.
Korus is out hunting the notorious R.O.U.S.
Tabris is going to cooking school, he is so excited!
Tanzen and Vigil continue to plot a world takeover.
Tharkis got his hell score up one point!
Tylia's been snuggling with her kittens.
Veenu doing what she does best. Being cute!
Woapin and Linina take some time out for each other.
The Zen family has been on many adventures!
So, there you have it. This is what Phankers do (yes some are missing!) and what we really look like (no stalking please!). We don't let humans into our guild, but please feel free to stop by and chat on the boards!

All of these images were ripped off from the web, please don't sue us, they will be gone in a week ><

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