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Eternal Damnation

A few things happened this week. Honor Points came out and we did our first actual MC attempt.

Looking at the screenshots, we did a lot this week, so let's get to em!

First, PvP in Tarren Mill is insane.

The lag was insane. Many of us avoided the whole thing all together and hid out in instances. The night before the patch we did our first joint raid with Hex and Maris Saevio in Molten Core.
Unfourtunatly half of the raid was blocked from entering MC due to a saved bug of sorts so only 25 people got into the same instance. They decided to give it a shot.
They successfully beat the first mobs, yet were thwarted by the next challenge. So they took out the night elf city.
Meanwhile some of us got flagged for MC.
We also went to UBRS and Strath and Scholo, all the usual instances.
Gracor named his spider pet PadresLose.
Lothaar solo'ed the Beast.
Mog took some shots too, here are my favs (check out the rest here)
We had a lot of fun this week. We found a lot of diversity even with such limited instance options. Everyone is helping everyone and good vibes all around, in guild and out.

Phank on!

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