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Zul - by Veenu

Zul was our focus this week with our partners getting wasted on a house boat somewhere.

So that was the pinnacle of the first night in zul this week. Zandor dying over and over. About 7 times.

Then we went in again the next night.

Killing bosses with speed.
We got snake, tiger, spider.... leaving panther for last. We had not beaten her since her changes. Zandor didn't die much because he wasn't there.
We were pulling huge groups, some bigger than others.
For one pull Jaly got the entire panther temple.
And we engaged the Panther lady.
And we were not having success.
So we changed our strat, and instead of trying to control the panthers we went with it.
And we did much better. And we got her on the next try with ease...
Then we went in again with a fresh instance the next day.
We were so fast this time, we surprised ourself. We got all of the priests but the panther and a few misc bosses.

Since Hjouse is having their boat party this week we did Onyxia with a pretty small raid.

We also did other things.
Most of the time we don't bother with a cocky alliance paladin flagged among 20 of his closest friends thinking he's cool. But this Onyxia raid decided to not let that one go. Teaching humility is fun!
Good times.
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