Advancing to a Higher Game

In two games Phank has advanced to the Higher Game. In Final Fantasy the gang is all hitting 40 Saduj reports, but I wager Svolthoh, Kaellana and Gobii may have already passed that. Here is the gang getting Rank 5:

Cintra is a new member, who joins us in true Phankish train style:
Here are some picts Saduj took during their Rank 4:
And now the journey to Rank 5:
On a completely different front, far above in the sky, Phank EVE is advancing to the farther reaches of the universe. Jumpp decided that they had been living in Shadowbanes equivelant of Khar. So they decided to join a much more advanced Corporation called Oberon, Inc.

So after a mission or two...

They joined forces and moved out to their new home.
So Phank in both games are really taking it to a new level this week. We also have some Phankers in CoH, but I get the feeling the best part is the character creation!
Salabak made a CoH me.
And here is Lemon Aide:
And here is Abilis and her new look:
Speaking of sexy, I think Xakia is no longer playing this game, but he sure had fun with character creation:
We also had some good discussion in IRC and on the forums on WoW's new patch.
I have to say this is the first week ever that I have felt great even with us all in different games. I guess that's part of the beauty of a buncha people that can lead or follow at any moment. Phankers are all finding their groove until we meet up again...
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