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3 Mages walk into a BRD - by Veenu

Back in EQ, the game was so boring that the funnest times were made by players. They would make dungeons and players would find ways to do them that were never intended. People would have all kinds of ways to get to a loot mob that wasn't meant to be. Figuring these things out and executing them was some of the best fun in game. And the fact is, 5-39 player activities are getting dull after the millionth time in WoW. We gotta mix it up.

It's rare to do a dungeon in an unorthodox way in WoW. So when a non-sploiting ninja run presents itself, it can be very fun.
Ok so yeah, that's 3 mages. Oh and a priest and shaman too. So maybe it's not so ninja. Maybe it's destruction incarnate.
So that was the boss we were after, but since we mages are very trigger happy we craved more destruction. So we went onto the king room.
And we totally lost. How embarrassing. I think it's because instead of a million targets it was just one. Much like Andre in The Princess Bride.

We also had a lack of players this week to do things on our own. Well even BWL wasn't happening due to low numbers. Phank always fluctuates. People take breaks, go out, play platformers....and we never guild up to control for that. It's just part of who we are.

So it's a good thing we have such nice partners to do things with when we are low.

We had a great time in AQ20. We found some new things, had an exploratory feel, and died in mass as usual.

It was a lot of fun. We also did MC with Hjouse. We were low on numbers due to Easter, but the healing was amazing (I think they had 2 priests) and finished it as usual. Thanks to Gracor for these screenshots.
This was an epic battle, which we lost at 1%. Sometimes we suck, but we redeemed ourselves with an easy win after.
And LOTS of priest loot. I think Gyries got half of his class set finally on this run.
We also did other 5 player instances, and various other activities.
And now for some Phank fashion. Caitrina is Thuggo's alt, and she's always in style.
Hope you all had a great Passover and Easter! And for those of us that live in places with seasons, enjoy the warmer weather finally. Also if you are one of the people that love single players, enjoy your Kingdom Hearts 2!

We sure hope the expansion brings 15 new 5 mans, 4 new 10-15 mans, 3 new 20 mans, and 3 new 40 mans. Thanks.

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