Fan Faire

Jalynfane, Glaur, Elidroth, Zobb, Lilrith and Tharkis all went to fan faire this past week. They brought many pictures back with them:

Jalynfane Picts

Tharkis Picts (Captions)

Elidroth won 10k at the slots:
I figure next year we have got to get the Pistachio to sponsor us for a Phank Phaire if the eq one happens again in Vegas.

Many Phankers are playing FFXI, but none of them like to take screenshots for me, so alas we are stuck with more of these:

Yes, more shots of women's underwear from Olriech. You can make up captions for them like a comic strip.
We also played some WC3.
Speaking of Warcraft, here is your Monday teaser (without giving anything away.) Cindal = Kilada.
Moving on now....
Go Cubs!
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