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Late Update!

I was visiting family until monday so the update is late! I was going to have my brother do the update but Zandor/Tabris has a computer full of virus'.

The week was pretty relaxing. Did some of the usual raids. When I came home Monday night I found a small collection of Phank in Molten Core. 

It was a great to be brainstorming together. No one had been to the zone, all of us testing some things together.
Each time improoving...
So the 17 of us did not get past the front mobs. We did however get very close. But we are not about guilding to do a zone or a game. We guild for friends. So until the 20 capacity instances arrive we will continue to beat ourselves against a brick wall. Phank is in a bit of a spot with our size. Our raid numbers usually point to UBRS runs, plus it's a quest we all have and fun to complete. This makes our current goal Molten Core/Onyxia. It's just a goal, and it is attainable with a little triad style fun.
The onyxia key thing was a smart event to put in. It gives us something to do until the next instances.
On those UBRS runs we are kicking so much ass with our crowd control. Hunter's are invaluable and our mages are attached at the hip.
It is so nice to have our old friends by our side, and new friends too like Aundine's life partner.
/hug phank
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