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This week we had a whole lotta 5-10 player instances going. We also killed the usual suspects and got in crazy debates on our forums of the fairest sign up system for our raids. Most raiding guilds care about getting the correct classes in the raid for success. We, on the other hand, make sure we are all on equal footing to get in. Which can make for very different raid make ups from one night to the next. Example: BWL:

We have found that just changing the raid make-up can change an event dramatically. Having a few new folks can lead to a fail, having a few that have beat the event not paying attention can lead to a fail. Whatever it was, Razorgore takes each and every person doing exactly what they should be doing, and we must not have been doing that since we failed. We changed up many roles on the event, as we always do, which always causes more losses in the short term (people learning) and more wins in the long (we have many people knowing what to do, and can stand in.)

Example: Molten Core.

Consistent wins.
We had so many little groups going on this week. It's great to see people coordinating things to do. As Gracor (on Bachavi) jokes:
We just don't have that going on these days. People for one reason or another are not logging on expecting others to entertain them. People log on, and start things.
Sometimes all it takes are a couple Phankers to entertain themselves. Here are a few shots of a duo adventuring into Hyjal.
We love exploring.
The above is a joke, since a few phankers are taking breaks from WoW (yes a couple years of a game can call for that).

Speaking of jokes, the update was lookin a little thin this week (I didn't play much) so I went into the scary IRC screenshots place. First off, a discussion on what we thought was a guild named Stain in EVE. You have to click to get to it, because it's pretty vulgar (don't click sensitive types!)

So win some, lose some, but it matters not. Everyones making the game enjoyable for them or taking a break (or just taking it slow.) Some of us are even getting out for spring.... gasp....
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