Hello, welcome to the update with no title!
I have been very busy again with deadlines, so I am lucky that Olriech and Salabak stepped up with screenshots this week. I did however get to play at least one night, which was wonderful.
We explored a bit, and killed some bowlers. They killed us a bit too, well just Salabak.
And while our main tank was dead, and running back, we got some agro while lom.
Then another...
And here is what that looks like from Salabak's perspective:
It's the little wins that matter in life! Good times.

The level 50 Phankers, well 6 of them, had some success also with their first Burning Circles. Burning Circles are the high level engagements that give loot. One of the few ways to actually get loot that I know of. And of course it is limited to only 6 players which is a bit problematic since we have 8ish level 50+ Phankers. But knowing us we will do them a plenty so everyone gets a shot. It prompted me to adjust the "Insight" section again. Here are some pictures Olriech sent of them and other 50's action:

And they fought some Dragons too:
We have also been working on everyones Artifact armor, which is the best looking class armor.
And we played Craps to get Jaly ready for his drunken follies at Fan Faire.
Aw, Jumpp has no money for ale and whores! Not that his hell score needs to be any higher, but then again it was lower than Jalynfanes. Well, everyone's was lower than Jalynfanes!

Many Phankers are not even playing FFXI. Some are taking breaks from gaming, while others just couldn't get into it. One of which is our beloved Tylia who has been holding some great polls on the forums. Join on in when she hosts them, unless you are a troll, then go away, we already have Zagtor. It's just nice to stay connected in all media.

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