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Blackrock Spire

This week we continued the raids on Black Rock Spire. Last week the two raids had really bad luck.

It was great having everyone working towards a guild goal together, much like having everyone chip in for a tabard.

So we all ran over and started. We had many many rogues, since Phank is full of them.
WoW has a bug that if you drop from the raid you can do quests. It's a known exploit, and since we don't like being lame we are not doing it.
It was sooo much fun. Everyone felt great, lots of laughs.
Phank had raided BRS 2 other times before looking for key parts. We got none. And this raid wasn't having any better luck.
But thanks to a pet incident and auto follow afk we had a glorious train.
So we got to the last boss, no key parts yet.
We made the Rogues and one Druid fight him.
And we won. And he had a key piece. The first we saw in 3 raids. And a Phanker accidentally looted it. It really bumbed us out, most of us decided to camp since it was late and we were in a bad mood.

And then, in the wee hours of the night, Phanks shadow government went to work.

The Sneaky Bastard Squadron went back in. 7 Rogues and a Druid. And they got the key.

Now comes the 5 man'ing BRS. Some have already done it, but many of us have not. My crew set a date to do it Sunday morning. We all woke up at 8am and headed in.

We were rocking. We mastered some areas and now know the secrets to the fire swamp. We only wiped over halfway through. Good times.
Bite me Evokers! (spolier)

So it was great, and we got 3 outta 4 of the warlord quest parts. Man, I hate that zone, but everyone else seems to love it. I guess we will be back!

Phank has always had people that step up to lead and follow, and take turns at both. Never will you find our raids being led by the same person over and over. Cause then it's just one person doing all the Generaling, when we have pleanty of great leaders.

This week was no exception and people really stepped up to lead, and while doing so making sure everyone had fun instead of just following directions. BRS, Scholo, and here's Plaguelands...

With our mages and hunters we have some mean AE.
And we did a lot of waiting because of someone...not saying who!
Here are some spoiler shots, which I suggest you don't click on if you havn't done the high end plaguelands stuff, cause it's worth being surprised over! Spoiler one, and two.
Brith sent these two in. Above he and Canthan find the Zerg. Below he got his mount. Many of us are turning 40 this month. Also some are starting healers to help out with the high end. Canthan even started a priest ;)
Here's another spoiler on Darowshire, do not click it if you have not done it, it's just here so we can remember the really nice moment. Spoiler!
So it was a very fun week, and the BRS raid was a blast.
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