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Corpse Piles Worthy of Phank - by Veenu

After completing Molten Core it was time to test our skill in Blackwing Lair, the next instance.

As we have said before, the progression becomes a nice ramp again after Ragnaros, and our two guilds are excited for the new content. First boss is Razorgore, second is some Vael dude that is supposed to be the most deadly in all the game. Then it gets easier again.

We had a plan, based on our one journey in months ago and a couple of us had done this event on alts.
And we learned more....
And learned more....
And after much learning and death we decided to call it a night. We have new strats we shall try out this Thursday, and we think we might just win it.
Since the partnership dedicates two nights to instances (not counting our quick Onyxia kills) we needed to beat MC in one night.
And we did. Not only did we kill Rag again, we killed him on the first try and quicker than the last time.

We also squeezed in one 20man this week, Zul Grub. Though we didn't have many people.

And after a few tries and a couple more people we killed Bloodlord and finally, after all the dozens of what we went in for.
What a successful week! Ragnaros down to a one day event, great infos from BWL (and FUN), and that damn sword for Cownan.
And hats!
And skeleton armies! Loth, Tanz and I all have them now!
And some Phankers are playing that DDO, as Jaly shows some more coolness:
Some kinda cool door....
Some kinda dude got strung up in webbing...
And we have a few people on their way back up to 60...
- SM shots from sala
It's great to have goals within our reach again. It's also great to be one of the few partnerships that has been so successful. Life is good, we have two level 40 instances ahead of us and 2 20 player instances we have yet to beat.
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