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Spring is in the air....

We prepared with great vigor for our raid on UBRS the other night. We had Tazla do the lucky dance and even brought the Sandman with us.

We had 1.2 priests. Oggutho and Subvertio played by his oh so competent Hunter Brother Gracor. What could go wrong!
How about a bit of everything!
Some of us hadn't repaired before heading in. Some gear was lookin a little yellow-red....
Mogkin to the rescue!
With Phank, repairs are the new black.
So we brushed off the blood and gravel, wiped the tears from laughing too hard, and went back to work.

We had the regular successes (spoiler.) Kamven logged on so Gracor could stop "playing" Subvertio. Then we died horribly again.

That's right. I totally zoned in. The raid was at the Generals room and now they lost a mage. They do another couple pulls. 2 pulls away from General. And then Kamven, our second priest decided to look over a ledge a bit. I wasn't there to get the screenshot, so I have made this recreation:
So that left one priest and a feral druid.  With our will broken we decided to end the pain.
Then in our darkest hour two LBRS groups decided to get a win. It was around midnight as they formed up. Both teams in TeamSpeak together, walking on each others shadows. Tired and driven they worked late into the night. First group: Zobb, Gracor, Gormahn, Thuggo and Tyrala. Second crew was: Jumpp, Jalynfane, Tazla, Kamven and Plague.
It was the messiest raid I had ever seen. But it was also one of the goofiest and most generous. Good times.

While we were at our most incompetent, another crew was destroying Temple. Nice to see a full crew of people getting to experience totally new content for them. Sure Sala had been there in beta, but he isn't one to spoil, let alone remember ;)

And here is a spoiler from Temple, cry again at Brith's computer. Somehow they also formed a huge train in Zul too.
Speaking of seeing totally new zones that we know nothing about.... Dire Maul was in full effect. (don't worry - no spoiler picts)
A bunch of us got to go in to this wonderful place. All of Phank that has been there loves it. As Naydien puts it "Ya know, when it comes down to it, DM is just plain fun." And look out Tanzen, you now have competition....
Anyways, if you have been to DM and want to see some spoiler shots you can type in this folder /bigpict2.jpg and keep on counting up till you get to bigpict6.jpg. (note: we won bigpict2 heh) Now for the rest of the week:
(the traditional BRD ss. Finally some of us went back to finish it.)
Before and after on Kinth's Priest outfit

I like the new look, stands out more which is great for priests.

While in BRD we went to MC to get the shortcut quest. We also tried a pull. Note the little hunter trap...
Was a good week. The new dungeon rocks. Happy Happy.
And if that wasn't enough for you check out Nobby's great screenshots. Some real gems in here!
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