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Rotten to the Core - by Cru

A rockin' week, full of new records and achievements! It doesn't seem so long ago that we were spending long hours in MC trying to get to Ragnaros and then once there had a few, er, technical difficulties that prevented us from killing him. And then this week Phank and Hjouse had our fastest run ever -- right at 4 hours! But that's not all we did... :D 

We knew when we went into Molten Core that we were really going to focus on pace, and that's exactly what we did. Pull after pull after pull. And boy did we have the AE power! I could barely see the imps and dogs through all the AE we rained down upon them.
One boss, then another boss, then another.. I'm not sure why we call them that -- because we were so the bosses of MC this week.
And then it was time for Rag! We got ready...
Then started the fight...
Jaly said our goal was to get Rag to 23% before the sons came out. Well, 23% came and went -- check it out!
That's right, baby -- 18%! Look, here it is again.
Then the sons came out.
And then we brought that big boy down! It won't be long before we get Ragnaros before the sons even come out! Woot, everyone!
Molten Core went so fast that we still had time to spare. So some of us headed to AQ20, along with a few of our Hjouse friends. More on that later, because first comes the report on our other big raid -- BWL!
Blackwing Lair is a tough, chaotic fight. We've been in there a few times, each time learning something new and making a little progress.
We wiped a couple of times during the egg wave but came back to try again. And then something happened...
We got to fight Razorgore! Our first fight against him, we only had a few standing after the egg wave. Our second attempt, we had enough survivors to really learn about the fight.
We got him to about 44% that second fight! Great job, everyone -- we'll get him next time!
A momentary pause in the update to show you life as an undead in a 40-person raid.
(I was summoning people out of the lava during that shot.)
And how about a few quotes?
(Sug tried to slow-fall to the MC entrance.)
And in other news, Thuggo got his Benediction staff. That means we have five Phank priests with the epic staff! A bunch of us helped farm the Eye of Shadow...
Poor Kytor tried to get off the other continent to come help.
So we summoned her, and boom the Eye dropped! I'm not sure Kytor even got to join that fight!
Cownan was a bit of a dork.
But no worries, because Thuggo got the Eye and later went to do the quest in the Plaguelands.
And here it is! Grats, Thugs.
Gobi is working on tackling the hunter epic quest, which involves four challenging demon fights across the world. Here is Gobi winning against the demon in Un'Goro. The viewers had to stay way back, so I don't have big screenshots to show you. But he pwned her, I can tell you that much.
As mentioned before, we also went to AQ20 after our Molten Core raid. We did our best to get to the second boss, but the waves of mobs did us in, repeatedly. Another day, AQ!
So a busy, fun, great week it was. We can even count the AQ run as a success, in my opinion, because it was a bonus raid, thanks to our fabulous MC run. Yay!
See you in the game!
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