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The Late Update - by Veenu

I forgot I was on vacation this week so the update is late, and only happening due to Phankers sending in their great screenshots for us. Cruella as usual has sent in the bulk of them, and Euthynos sent in a bunch from Auto Assault.

Let's get to em!

First one from Jaly:
Then some from Subvertio:
He also had a nice interaction with a depressed gnome on the PvP battlefield.
And sent in this "where's waldo" photo. Can you spot Subvertioh? Hint: he's laying down.
Mogkin sent this in from our Rag kill:
And Thuggo sent this in from our weekly Razorgore attempt:
Now for Cruella's glorious record of the week (I think this is all from this week, but may include other things)
"At MC we did another one-shot run and killed Ragnaros on the first try. We had some wipes from rough pulls and accidental agro, and we were low on healers, but we nonetheless met our goal and got some fancy loot in the process!"

"A group of us played in Stratholme. Cow is the ever almost-unbeatable force when possessed."
Ah yes, here are the screenshots Cruella took from the past, they are labeled as Past.
Oh my that is small text.
So those are our WoW screenshots, thanks to everyone for coming to the rescue!

Oh wait, one more taken yesterday. This is Jaly, Gracor and Crowley.

Now for Euthynos' Auto Assault review in pictures.
So that's what Phankers did this week! Thanks for sending in all the screenshots all!
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