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We are doing BRS a bunch, which is still fun but I think Blizzard went a little overboard with each person needing one drop off the end mob. But I also think they set it up this way for the uber guilds to do over and over because those uber guilds come from the land of uber EQ so they enjoy endurance tests. Gotta give em a little of that I guess...or maybe you don't.

Jalynfane decided to make a level 1 human and go to hard places and try and group.
That's my highlight of the week. But we also killed some big things and many people are joining forces for great action. Brithrax took some picts from a couple of his groups. We have a large amount of Phankers level 45-52ish that are coming up. These people are great, I can not wait to raid with them.
Some of the new wave of Phankers I have never grouped with and some I havn't grouped with for months! Even Years! Can not wait!
Click here if you fight Rend all the time for an image (spoiler.) Here are some more screenshots from Jalynfane:
That's Jaly down there all small!
And it's winter in Thunderbluff for Jaly and his Video Card! Thanks for sending those in :)

Now let's see what other shots I have....

Good times.
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