How many Orcs fit in an elevator? (Note: This update will last 2 weeks - forgive us!)

We helped Jalynfane with his Dragon this week. He plays both Jalynfane and Alya.

We said a little prayer to the non-existent Final Fantasy gods
and went in.
And we won, which is not the big deal in this update, but the set up...
We finished up and began our long descent from the battleground.
Then Jaly and Gracor "accidentally" a couple Orcs. This causes every single Orc we pass to join in, and those that didn't got "accidentally" hit also.
This was going well, except we were approaching an elevator. Kinthalas was approaching the elevator before all of us.
Kinthalas took the elevator down (abandoning all of us,) so we had to wait for it to come back up.
We finally found the switch and continued our parade!
And we made it, including the traitor!
Nobbynob sent in some images on his adventures, this time not of his decaying body. His even wrote captions:
-Phankers aren't the only ones having fun with the translator!

-Didn't Grease or something have a song like this?
And another Taru-Rainbow image this time from Nobbynob...
-For those who haven't seen it yet, Fenrir!
-Ocean spray is cool
-Stronger dan stronger dan strong!
Jalynfane also sent some shots in from his week, starting with Ramuh getting some rays on the beach:
Now cover your childrens eyes for this next quote.
Phank is a bit like Fight Club except we don't obey the first rule, so really not. But if Phank did have a Fight Club within it, this would be it:
That's right. EVE. We don't play it much, but it's always there when we need it. Such a small group of Phankers play it, but when they do, they play in style. When I watch some of the guys playing, it looks like they are part of the same entity. It's called a corporation. Everyone bands together to make it stronger financially. It is different from a guild, perhaps due to there being a shared hangar available to all.

It is so soothing to play due to the wonderful music and true feeling of being in space. Given all that, I certainly don't play it. It takes a special kind. A kind that loves the numbers, that loves the details. Phankers like Jumpp, Naydien, Gracor, Jalynfane, Baptiste, Mos, and Subvertio.

I am at peace just listening to the music, which you can download here. Try listening to "Green Nebula" the 7th song down.
Until next week...
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