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The week started very bad with crazy lag and horrid down times during prime time. It was so bad someone even started <Doomhammer is Down> on another server to raid.

We also started characters on Aundine's role playing server and made Phank there too. It was made for down time, which there was plenty of.

As soon as we formed the guild phank there we got lag.
And just when this update was about to be a letter to Blizzard telling them they suck, they decided to move our server to new hardware.
And they came back up all wonderful. Let's hope it lasts. It was stable enough to raid this weekend, and we went to Upper Blackrock Spires, or UBRS.
We did two UBRS raids this weekend. One with 17, the other with 14. The second one we had one Priest for General. Good times.
It was great times, different people taking turns pulling and doing important things and such.

We also did some PvP this week. One group of Phankers stayed up to 3am fighting Iron Forge.

On Sunday Gracor decided to go to Splintertree to see what was going on with an alliance raid. A handful of us went to check it out. Shortly more Phankers showed up, along with whoever was there already and drove the bad guys out.
The raid was getting huge so we decided to go to Stormwind. There were more than 40 people. Not bad for a pick-up raid.
We went into the tram area to set up our fight. Then all kindsa bad choices were made and somehow the pick-up raid decided to go to IF instead. The place where the auction house is. Madness.
So after that circus music, Phank encouraged the raid back to SW and made up a goal.

Our goal would be to reach the room where the kings ward is. We began the walk all together. Our numbers had dwindled to around 30.

And we made it to the long hall to the kings room, or whatever it's called. We were surrounded and the alliance numbers were growing, while ours dwindling.
Behind us was this:
In front of us was this.
Close, but they overtook us. One day you evil alliance, one day!

So those were the big guild highlights this week. Now for the details of lub. I took a lot of ae screenshots, since I did a lot of ae this week. Feels good to be done with Lower Blackrock Spires. Now to figure out how to get other group combos through.

Brithrax is in heaven since he is back in Raptor land. Here is his first Raptor kill in a long time:
And on our PvP raid we found where Monty has been hiding:
Phank had a blast raiding UBRS and now begins the arduous task of getting everyone Onyxia keys. We are going to take it easy and try hard not to let it burn us out of BRS, but how can it not when we will need to do it dozens and dozens of times? Very EQ. Boo!
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