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As Intended - by Veenu

Ever since our Ragnaros win we have been stomping all over the land winning events, or at least making progress on anything we attempt. After two visits to Razorgore, we believe one more will win it. We consistently kill Onyxia and Rag on the first try and our raids into MC are record breaking. All from a two guild partnership that takes their time, spending only a couple nights a week raiding.

Since we do raid 2-3 times a week with our partners we can only muster enough players for a 20 person once a week. So our progress in Zul (we still have a couple unbeaten things in there) and in AQ20 is slow.
Yep, we only had the first boss down. Uber. So Saturday we gathered together to try and beat the second boss. (spoiler warning this shows that event...our version of it at least...)
Clumsily we went in.
And we got to the second event.
Wave after wave our new strats were doing well, but the NPC we were protecting ran off on some hill and died.
We were doing it though, bandaging etc... And we finally got to the boss.
We had no idea what he did, so we began fighting him, trying different places to fight, up against walls etc, learning what kinda ae he had. Some of us began dying. But the graveyard is right there, so we ran back in.
After a while of fighting the boss, the NPC helper guys respawned. We couldn't believe it.
And our NPC helpers quickly died too.

We bravely fought on.

Oh he just kept killing us.
Somehow he migrated all the way to the zone in. I felt like I was back in EQ pulling a boss to zone.
And we killed him. My god it took forever and everyone was cracking up like mad.
It's very hard in WoW to do things the way they were not intended. But sometimes doing things the way they were not intended is hilarious.

We also did the Calling quest.

And other adventures....
And some Phankers have a weekly DDO crew....
So it was a very successful week. We are accomplishing some amazing feats while not raiding a lot.

Spring is coming too, so we expect some play times to drop, and 3 sets of Phankers are having baby girls within the next few months. The best part about it is we flow with what we have. When we have lower numbers we do smaller things. We evolve with how Phank evolves. And Phanker play times ebb and flow too, it keeps us solid, and mentally sane. Play when it feels good, don't when it doesn't. And sometimes you get a gem like Saturday in AQ20....

Phank is a gaming community of friends and family. Phank on!
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