2 Things

1) SWG is not a finished product

2) Le boo hoo

SWG is half done. The tradeskills and entertainment professions are in the fine tuning stages. Well except Droid Engineer. But the fighting/exploring side of SWG is still being developed. Phankers are reacting in many ways. Some quit all together because they are tired of the way sony fixes things (some would call them liars.) Some are buying alt accounts because the damn game won't let you make twinks. Some are playing other cool games like CS, Nethack, RoN. All in all, we are tired of bitching about it. So lets move on, look back upon the week and all understand that Phank is ranging from pissed off to happy at any given moment.

Fairwind found some gameplay this week:

It's actually kinda cool. Little details like these are part of the good side. Details like this....an imp zoo, are part of the bad:
Hangin with friends seems to be good in any game however. Well, except EVE (yawn!)
So we went back into town, and the zoo got us.
Here Fairwind releases bats, they come out of her backpack:
blue glowies
It is really fun to just make characters. Too bad you can't make them on your own server.
So yeah, le boo hoo. SWG fighting is not done yet. Some of us wonder if it is just because we spent so much time in one game (EQ) that nothing can compare to our jaded views... But I think it really just is not done.

Remember game developers: It is MUCH easier to add then to take away. Beta long, start with conservative abilities and add to them.

In the words of the Daily Show, "And now, your moment of zen:"
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