Fan Faire and Cubs

These things took up my time this week, so I was not able to get as many in game screenshots. I did however get a lot of Real Life screenshots... we will see if Glaur and Tharkis allow me to release them by the time I am done typing....

That's my avatar, Tharkis' twink, and Glaur.
Subvertio went to the clincher for Cubs to win the division. It was very exciting.
We also played twinks and untwinked newbs. Let's see if you can tell the difference in the following pictures:
A lot of us are playing EQ.
We are going to make tee's this week, so we did a poll to see who needs what.
So go Cubs! Ok, and I have not heard from Tharkis or Glaur so.... check out some picts from the Fan Faire!
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