Tylia is at the end of this update!

But don't go there yet!

We have dead bodies to show you!

We joyfully ran off to our death with Dahn the other day....
And we found it. Many many times. We also got frustrated at times. Which at times can be a sign of challenge.
A lot of mobs warp on you. They warp in horrible ways, when they have full on Line of Sight to you.
But over all it was a really good time. Svolthoh (Dahnlarin) plays to the games strengths using small teams to try really hard mobs.
A lot of us had fun on far away planets also.
- by Tharkis
Ok here it is. I went to Tylia's house to check it out.
This is her closet:
Jumpp came by to get killed (gating)
And boy was he sad when he heard he missed out on this:
They really really got entertainment and crafting right (except droid engineers suck!)
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