Instability in star wars galaxies caused me to play a little Counter Strike the other day. We have about 8 Phankers that still play that game a bunch, including Kinthalas, Noashan, Mvakai, Naydien, Olriech, and Zagtor.

It got me thinking, and many other Phankers too, on where we stand on the current game - SWG. So I asked....

"SWG's fun and all but it lacks alot of pve content for the end game. If we are forced to PVP all the time it will fail to keep customers" - Xakia/Darkrom
"I think they're focusing too much on the pvp system, and since the patch only gave half-content (introduced new areas/mobs but they are bugged, and they broke the loot system in the process) that they're gonna lose a lot of buisness from people who could care less about pvp soon.

Even though I blew through the grind, people who play more casually are getting up there now, and apart from pvp, there is NOTHING for them to do." - Olriech

"Star Wars Galaxies has three major problems right now. The first, is lack of content. Players are quickly reaching the high end with nowhere to go or no rewards to adventure/explore/hunt for. The second is a problem of programming. Star Wars Galaxies has few major problems but literally tons of smaller ones. Small bugs add up in the long run, and SWG is suffering the death of a thousand cuts for it. The third is of balance.

It is simply impossible to balance PvP and PvE against each other when players don't have similar stats to creatures. As such, unless something major happens there will always be an imbalance in one aspect of the game." - Naydien

And these are people that actually like PvP! I am sensing a theme. But developers are changing up a buncha other things....
They changed Pistol Whip, that over powered thing. But they changed it a bit far, and not in the right ways. They just made it cost an arm and leg to do.

They also changed Pets, also a bit far.

And other things too....
And they added little "i's" over people with quests. You know, for immursion.
So we are a bit down on the game. We really don't want to be at the top of the classes already. I know they promise "elite-elite" classes, but it took many months to reach level 50 in EQ, and here many of us hit the top in 2 months. Phank has a suggestion for every game out there:


Just beta long enough to know people can't beat your game in less than 6 months.

SWG really kicked ass on Trades. I mean wow. And the whole bazaar is just awesome. The dancing is great. The decorating is amazing!

Above is our war room. Quintis has been spreading around Naydien's pet cats and going to town on decor. Also note we have tiki torches inside.
They really got that right. Just wonderful work. We still can't hang the fishes, but we just pretend they are hanging.
Character design is also awesome. Never before have people been told they look hawt/tough in the same way as here.
"What this boils down to, in my opinion, is that no game company is currently set up to modify a MMORPG fast enough to appease the power gamer. The casual gamer plods along just about at the pace of change. The powergamer is constantly butting up against the fringe content and thus is usually facing the greatest amount of less than optimal gameplay situations. That's the price to be paid for power gaming. The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long." - Gracor
We will keep playing SWG. Some of us will never touch it, and keep playing CS.
We know that there is some good in SWG. We havn't given up yet. Well, some are....

But a lot of us are in search of fun still. Here, Danaria solos a jedi, avenging her dead love Baptiste...
And here, Gracor and I take down a famba, which falls on me like Wiz of Oz house on a witch....
"Phank. A gaming community. When Phank first started it was just a small group of family and real life friends. Slowly it expanded and a few people were added over time. These were more than just elves and barbarians, pixels or letters on a screen. These were my friends. We laughed together, cried together and argued with each other. We grew up into the family we are now. Phank on." - Kinthalas
SWG has some really great things, that I hope games to come learn from. Thank goodness for them there is no real competition, so we are sticking with it. Xakia is even planning a raid this week to see if a large group can be fun. So far small has been better, but maybe....
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