Glimpses of the High End

One of the questions we have is, what is the high end game like? This past week we have gotten a glimpse of more strats and bigger mobs.

Olriech captured these shots of them taking down some big guys.
And some Jedi in a ball gown....
And some lightsaber fights!
I also got to see some of urban combat...This is my first time seeing it used out on the field. You can use houses and other structures in battle.
We have also kicked our guild hall goal into high gear. Those of us with money are pouring it onto Jaly for funds and those of us with time are giving Jaly what we can to help. Jaly is Phank's architect, and he must be a master for our guild hall. Sure we could buy it....but as we have said before, it is the path that makes you uber not the end goals. So we are doing it ourselves.
Canthen is able to make "spice" now, which has its side effects...
And Svolthoh joined us again, as Dahnlarin
Jumpp is also dancing....
-from Olriech
-from Danaria
-from Subvertio
Ok, I really really have a problem with killing grazers. They are so cute and always have little babies near. It is so odd to have such strong moral feelings for a fake non-existant thing.

"That is because you are crazy!" - Ikea commercial

My brother Tabris joined us too! He is now Zatar.
Thanks to Danaria, Subvertio and Olriech for helping me get ss's while I was out of town. Also, Phank sends its best wishes to Zagtor/Aenro to get his internet fixed asap.
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