Week of many friends and much server issues

This week we had a lot of friends join us. We also had a lot of crashes. Let me start by saying I added something to the "insight" section on Phank:

- Keep the hours of Disneyland - This means have your top trouble shooters and tech support people on in full force weekends and week nights. Not just customer service, but people that actually do things. I sure don't like seeing "live chat" tech support only during working hours. It only jades the people with pay checks.

Olriech actually had a customer service sighting in game:

Olriech saw something else in game, that I can't post here....but he also captured the gang killing a famba. They are big guys:
Do you see the two animals in the background fighting too?

On this same night some of us hunted at Jaba's Palace. It is a very long run. But I finally saw jawas.

The picture below shows a little of the details SWG has. Danaria started dancing, and this NPC began watching her and cheering.
Tylia and Swiftwind joined up with us. The journey takes forever.
Speaking of hot pants...after visiting Sakil's place (here is his view)
I heard that Aundine could make some new clothes. So I ran to our shops outside of Kaadara.
Aundine is playing Tylia here, but when dancers group they dance in unison:
So we found our human male to make try on her stuff:
Usually health bars have some red in them, but she was damaged so bad that it was all black. You need a medic to fix it.
A bunch of us made houses and factories. Here is one of Jaly's vendors, they don't look like machines because he has biz training.
Olriech's pets are always amusing.
Bola = Lola
Here Olriech tries to dual an emoting bully (spitting at people etc...)
I'll end on this note... this is an NPC talking in town:
Thanks Matasata for capturing it....
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