Tylia is going to be a Bounty Hunting Stripper. She already bought a house from all her tips. Gracor, Jaly, Sakil and I dunno who else have houses too. Here we are camped in front of them.
We also have many adventurers. Aenro (Zagtor) has joined us!
And Olriech and Naydien went in search of Ewoks:
We also checked out this fun kinda war game thing. Here we are at the "retreat" getting ready.
You can have up to 20 people in a group, which here we do not have yet...but in a few you will see when we do!
As we were just checking it out, some other players entered the imp side! Well, Zordin did also which was pretty funny. But some real imps made for a much more exciting battle.

Now here you see us getting closer to that 20 person max... we all went out to do rebel missions.

But as I have said before, the little things are what make this game fun...that and friends. Epiphany has joined us as Swiftwind, and Cindal as Vexa.
Everytime a bug happens Vexa does the beta dance.
Here I place some of my extractors. I got to name them also.
Glaur earned those hired guns through faction points with rebels.
Olriech's pet:
So on a personal note, a lot of us had strange RL stuff happen to them this week. I thank you all for helping me with the whole bus thing, and helping Jaly with Baptiste's puppy ripping his lip off. I think someone got some kinda virus too, but not sure who.

I'll end on this....

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