Getting PK'ed is no fun! All of us that have gotten PK'ed get angry in ways I can't explain. But in this game, you can get your group together and get revenge. So here we are getting revenge on a pair of PK's (player killers) that killed a group of lower leveled Phankers. We ported to Khar and Modius loaded up on Holy Resist* gear.
If you bully a bully, does that make you a bully? Oh well, it felt good to do a little eye for an eye, even I have to admit! Speaking of PK's we had a visit from an errant scout. He killed one of our people and so our masses of scouts began the chase. It was a long chase.
Then up about 40 minutes or so later we find him.
We almost kill him, and he disappeared.
The chase is a fun part of the game. The "Scout" character is an amazing thing. I feel it should make its way into other games just as Druids or Assassins do. Great fun.

We also did the first Wargames! We had red team and purple team. It was pretty fun fighting each other, and I already learned a lot.

We also played newbies a bit, and Tylia re-rolled as Mynx. Not saying who Olriech is....
Here Tylia and I are a Tibetan goddess:
And more phankers joined us. A hand full of friends from Karana server and Intogo!
And you thought Canthan died a lot as a cleric in EQ.....
I hate when I am busy during the day, because I miss some of the Phankers that play during the day - Biggnose I look at you!

Ok, back to names that should not be allowed. This weeks award goes to:

Check this one out. Our R7 guard captain likes to sneak out at night and go XP on the hydras also!
You know how our hunting grounds are in the bog, so everything is dark like neriak? Well we went up North for a change of scenery. It was very pretty.
So it was a fun fun week. Glad to have more and more of our friends in game. Hope Kinthalas, Zagtor Aundine and Korus are having fun in EQ still, but not too much fun, for WoW is just around the corner...
aundine quotes from Jaly
* he did not really load up on holy gear.
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