Friday is comin up, and I guess SWG is out then. Sooooo many mixed reviews! Jalynfane did a really good one you can read here. But this week we played some of all our games. Phank is crazy-go-nuts spread out. Look, I made a graph:

I think all the current games have made some great changes, and new steps forward - but no leaps yet. There was something special with Everquest and until another game comes along that takes our breath away we will be divided in avatar - not in spirit. Thank goodness for IRC and the Forums to keep us all tied together. Speaking of old time Phankers - Cindal has reappeared.
We had some fun when PK's came to SB town also. We heard that PK's were in our bog.
We grouped up and went out hunting. Reddo, Atlian and I found them up north after some guildies pointed us in the right direction. Here is a line of the bad guys:
Not to give props to bad guys, but that was a good strat. Most of them gated out before we could kill them! It was fun anyways. Always a rush to hunt....(Atlian = Baptiste)
There is this one Dwarf class that is simply unkillable. Here are two of them dueling:
A lot of us played in newbie lands also....and Laertes/Jumpp/Grond got to mouth off in the info channel...
And a comment on how our servers all seem empty these days...people cancelling or this?
We played a little eve, which has wonderful music and a very relaxing feel. It is not however going to retain my intrest for more than a month. But glad I am playing a bit of it.
Lots of mining ore, with the occasional battle. You could be all battle if you really wanted, but you have to work up to that with mining.
So no game is really blowing Phank away mentally, but all the other games will keep us entertained for a while. More than the game it is the company, so hopefully a game that all of us can tollerate and afford will come along soon...SWG? Gunter said early on in Beta that it was not looking promising, Aundine just made some dancer chick, I am not sure if Noashan enjoys it, and I just hate games that seem made for pure profit. But Jalynfane sure does like what he has seen so far, and this was late in the Beta which is promising. Check out Jalynfane's great review! 
Special thanks to Varrda from Diablerie in EQ for letting Jalynfane beta test on your beta :P

So we shall see on next weeks update if SWG can please the Phanker community.....And if you are people like Svolthoh or Loani, check in on the forums to tell us when we will play with you again!

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