This week was odd. SB is a game of strategy, and some of the Storm of Four leaders are having to deal with all the wierdness. Storm of Four is our parent guild, if you remember.

Other than that we had a blast, well not including the usual lag and not able to log on....

The highlight was a little PK hunt. There is a main city called Khar down in the desert. A lot of PK (player killers) are there waiting to pray on newbies. Laertes (Jumpp) went to go hunt for some.
But then they found a couple mean PK's and started fighting. Problem was, it was on the safe zone border of Khar, so the PK could just step on back over.
Shoot shoot shoot, then hide back on safe side. Annoying!
We were not very coordinated, so we regrouped after Laertes died. This time we were serious.
So we had 6 people, they had grown to 4. We found them at some newbie area camp.
We totally killed them. Yes we had 2 on them, we are so evil!
The local lower leveled citizens didn't think so though, they were quite happy.
It was really fun. We made some people happy and fought evil. I look forward to doing it again. The second coolest thing this week was our local PK thief Baby-Powder.

People start yelling "THIEF" and the scouts of Tempest, Phank, and Ravenswood come out to play.

Scouts are the only ones that can see assassins and thieves that are high level invis. We track to them and then reveal them, and some great Scouts like Naydien even kill them.....
Here I am stalking Baby-Powder....
It is great when we catch them. Baby-Powder got away once. We got him twice. He is our first regular thief! Speaking of scouts, Thessil is a great hunter also, and has a cool look.
Banes are how you go to war. You Bane a town and a day later you can attack it. Some kinda formality. But some guys like to do things without banes. We helped one guild rid itself of some other guild camping their town and killing everyone that logs in. We ran to assist.
Met up with the naked guild leader, and went in.
And cleared the tree of the other guild. I guess now we are staying out of anyones business though, like the swiss!
from mvakai
Seems some Phankers are playing CS also!
from mvakai
Sometimes you have to run to train or run to another town. It feels great, really fun to travel. It takes a while, sure, but a great time.
Zathras = Brithrax and Bogd = Gracor. Veenu of course is me, Yinnyang for those EQers who don't know yet.
So I learned PK is not that bad when it's a give and take, they win one, you win one. That is what it should be! Even people we never thought would like the game are starting to get into it....
See you in game!
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