The lag has gotten worse.

Amazing but true. When I first started Shadowbane the place was packed, servers were over full and lag was just fine. Weeks later the servers are ghost towns and lag is so bad the game is unplayable any time after 3pm. They reset the servers each morning, and for a few hours it is playable. Why not reset them 5 times a day until they figure out how to handle the lag?

We are supposed to be in a war tonight. There is no way it is going to work! Well, there is a patch on Tuesday, and if it is not cleared up I will have to play some other lame game. Problem is, hardly any games are out. Half Life 2 is near christmas, EQ2 same. SWG is unknown and WoW is next year. 
This is a Bane. You place it on a building to declare war. When a bane becomes active at a given time the baner tries to destroy the tree of life while the defenders try to prevent that and destroy the bane. Whoever destroys their target wins. Either the tree of life or the bane needs to die. Really cool sounding right? Well it is, if not for the lag.
We had a little fun, we caught a buncha thieves which you will see some shots of below. We also had some more phankers join us like e'Sai.
Here we are chasing some PK's. Our guards are even chasing.
AE groups are pretty glorious also. Here is Bog (Gracor) AE group of three. And then a serious corpse pile. Very Burninator, and slightly disturbing.
We also found a building on our "turf" and went to destroy it. You use special bane weapons. Olriech even set up a siege tent for the occasion!
Some people are sick tanks. Amazing.
Here some of us are flighing at night to an evil fortress of doom. We went to slap down a Bane on their town, because they have killed many So4 (Phanks mother guild in SB.) Three days or so later we can attack the town. Here is our leader Olriech's (on Thanthyr) PoV for the destruction of this town.
the leader Kali goes down fighting.
We beat up their tree.
Our Bane has taken no damage. See it off in the distance below?
The looting and pillaging continues.
And a town is reduced to rubble.
-from Jaly
-from Jaly
More proof that Phank is becoming a cult.
Here is the war we were just in. First the message on the bane at our main city.
Even with all the horrid lag masses of So4 showed up to fight.
And the bad guys didn't even show! So we beat up the bane circle with mass speed.
Really, we like Shadowbane. But what kinda game has lag that gets thousands of times worse as it goes on? If it does not improve Phank is going to warp drive its ass outta here.
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