Shadowbane just got a little more Phankish

So we have this little Phank town in shadowbane. All of us are moving in except for a few Phankers still hangin out in EQ or MIA. We don't see Shadowbane as holding our attention for more than a year, for we are all looking forward to World of Warcraft and some even look forward to EQ2.

We are meeting many phankish people. First let me say I hope there is a good naming policy in the next game we play cause SB sure does not have one. Look at all the "-" in these names, not to mention the special characters. For the call of hero of the game, called summoning, the summoner needs to spell your name right, including caps, on the first time or wait 5 minutes for it to cycle. So no one wants letters they can't find on a keyboard.

Errant means you are not going to belong to a guild. They are mostly grief players because they want to do their dirty work without a town that can be punished for it. Speaking of names with "-" in it....Xakia's rogue is named Pestilence-
How would you like to meet that in a dark alley?
Warriors are very hard to damage.
We had a lot of Phankers come over including Mvakai, the original Phank stalker Phankisthebomb, and Tylia, Vynn, Canthan, Fairwind, and of course Sykes WHOLE FAMILY!
All the zen's are part of Syke's family. The family that games together stays together!
Here we all are as newbies again. Gracor (Atlan) brought the whole group up to Phank after they all leveled. It was a lot of fun.
And the usual amount of lag and server issues.
Speaking of that song, where are you Korus? We miss you!
Atlian = Baptiste. He is right, when we have us all on at the same time it is a lot of fun. Due to the 10 person size of group it is rare to have anyone out.
Our friend Scout sent us this pict of the big war last week when Morloch appeared! Pretty cool eh?
So I am sure glad to have some of my best friends playin with us again. Good I hurry so I can get in and play!
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