Demons and Lag

SB is pretty good when you are not saying this:

I hear EQ was 10 times worse when it started, but that does not help much. Make sure to turn down all the settings you can when you start! Poor Tylia started to play a bit, and was instantly smacked with what she called a turn based laggy that it was like a slide show. She fixed some settings, and it is a bit better now. She of course is the red head below.
So on with the interesting stuff...WoW released pictures of their night elves. They look damn cool. It says on EB games this christmas it will be out, but I highly doubt anywhere near first quarter 2004. Blizzard is known for taking its time with titles. Until then, most of us Phankers are in Shadowbane.

Speaking of games we play, it is funny to watch things non-gamers say about gamers.

Sigh. I tried typing a line here to explain something, but only gamers would understand. So let's do the secret handshake and move on.

Remember that GM event the last 2 weeks? Well it is on going. And getting bigger. We heard demons were attacking Tempest again. We rushed to the sceen.

Tempest was burning, and demons were all around. We stuck together, and attacked.
The tree of life in the center of Tempest was glowing all weird.
So we destroyed the demons and went back to the same old same old lag, etc.
A couple days later we hear Tempest is burning again!
And then Bester (Brithrax) says this:
So after killing the demons at Tempest we run to Phank.
Look at our guards. They must be on a coffee break or something. So we killed all the demons and had nothing else to kill so we did the favorite SB passtime of killing each other.
So the next day our world map is different. Jumpp (Tenacious) explains the situation.
So the demons began hitting us harder. Tempest was attacked again.
So later that night together with Warrior Nation we went to the beasts lair ourselves. To the Ice Land. I swear, you have never heard circus music until you try to move over two continents to battle with a force of hundreads. There are no "ports" only these gates, and you need a person with a special rune to open them, and then summons, which cycle every 5 min. And no common chat channels. Oh man, it is painful.
So we make it to the Ice area, and a great battle happens, here is the corpse pile.
The bad guy put up all kindsa statues of himself.
We went out hunting for evil, we killed one, but another killed Glaurung.
Here are some siege weapons in action.
The thing is, Warrior Nation is huge. If Phank is like the ma and pa store, they are like wal-mart. I don't know what the GM is thinking forcing all these small places to go up against them. We will hope that it causes more balance on the server, and not just one dominant one.
Then it got boring and we camped.
Tharkis can turn into a cat now, and Glaur thought that emote reminded him of waynes world. Syke also sent this pretty image in:
So Shadowbane is a lot of fun, but would be much funner without the lag. I give it about 8 months or so of my intrest. I wager politics will get on my nerve. Let's hope WoW is out by then. Star Wars Galaxies is not getting good reviews, and truthfully I just hate thier web site.

I don't know what game can keep us like EQ did. It was new, and hooked us. We are wise to such baiting tecniques now, and won't be so easily caught. So come up with better bait eh?

Until then, see you here....

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