I don't know about you, but I am not too into any of the current options. I also don't have too much hope for the upcoming ones.

Everquest stood apart. It really was a huge leap in Role Playing games. Ultima was a huge leap also. These games based off of old stories created new and exciting games.

I have a little hope for Star Wars Galaxies, because it has a lot of people from both Ultima and Everquest teams. But then I peek at the boards and my IQ goes down every second I am there, so I quickly leave.

Shadowbane is some kinda PK thing, which Xakia is owning a large piece of land atm. Zagtor is going to play it just to dethrone him.

Everquest has ring tones for your phone now so you can let everyone know what you do on your weekends. It will really get the ladies.

So the updates are going to suck a bit, because no game is compelling me to play. I will play Star Wars, but I pray there is some strange underground MMORPG being made that no one knows about that is all of a sudden going to blow us all away. I doubt that since advertisers and PR people just get all tingly thinking of some evasive online publicity campaign.

Speaking of which, I hate Beta's. I think they are done poorly. In fact, at just this moment I have decided I want no part of them ever. I want to play a finished game. I don't want to plead and beg to be someone's free labor. And this has nothing to do with me not getting in!

/Rant off. I am just going to wait to play that pirate mmorpg.

A bunch of us got together and played some EQ this week. Always nice to be with friends.
Jumpp is getting situated with Texas.
Glaur is on another server, for his woman is there.
Oh man this update was lame! It is the DAOMMORPG's. So it goes.

Love it!

This just in!!!

Gracor and Korus as part of Hoss killed Xegony! It was an amazing battle to watch. They had been workin hard on this one, and the battle that won it all was extremely well done. They came up with their own strats and did it.

Grats Hoss!

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