This weeks update is brought to you by the "Happy to have Jumpp back Foundation." He may not be playing EQ yet, but having him in IRC is almost as good.

The world is facinated by the Iraqi Information Minister, and Phank is no exception. As CNN reports, his wacky ways are quite the hit. FoH find it entertaining also.

Phank has people on both sides and in the middle of the war effort, so please take no offense on the following, but I thought you may enjoy a glimps at our IRC, and always nice to have Jumpp give a rant.

[12:02] <VaderWORK> Iraq's ambassador to the Arab League must
be taking lessons from their Information Minister:

[12:02] <VaderWORK> "Iraq will not be defeated" in the war,
Ambassador Mohsen Khalil told a news conference in Egypt.
"Iraq has now already achieved victory - apart from some

[12:03] <Gracor|Work> hahaha

[12:03] <Gracor|Work> I liked the one where during the
interview the guy was denying allied forces were in Baghdad
and there was a soldier across the street.

[12:04] <VaderWORK> I really wish they'd position troops
around the palestine hotel, just for that reason

[12:04] <Korus> They should shoot him in the leg
"accidentally" with a long range sniper as he gives a press
conference on iraqi tv.

[12:05] <Gracor|Work> now that our planes (at least one) are
buzzing the air space over baghdad it's gonna be hard to
deny it.

[12:06] <VaderWORK> I haven't heard a peep about AAA in days

[12:06] <Korus> An a10 was shot down today.

[12:06] <VaderWORK> Although shoulder mounted stuff is still a
potential problem I suppose

[12:06] <Gracor|Work> they did shoot down an a10 late last

[12:06] <Gracor|Work> they figure it was an AAA that hit it.

[12:06] <Gracor|Work> pilot recovered with slight injuries.

[12:07] <VaderWORK> Ah yes, much easier to rescue the downed
pilots now I suppose

[12:08] <Korus> We'll get shot up now again for the next year
as we hold a non secure urban environment. There will
always be a sniper, terrorists, bomber.

[12:19] <Gracor|notworking> A U.S. B-1 bomber that aimed to
kill Iraqi President Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) in
Baghdad dropped four satellite-guided bombs only 12 minutes
after receiving orders that "this is the big one," the
plane's weapons officer said on Tuesday.

[12:19] <Jumpp> It's funny. I really thought they killed the
fucker a few weeks ago. And his retarded kids too.

[12:19] <Gracor|notworking> and yes, bro, I agree.

[12:21] <Gracor|notworking> Swan said the B-1 had just
finished taking on fuel from an aerial tanker aircraft and
was heading to pre-planned targets when it received an
emergency order to strike the bunker.

[12:21] <Gracor|notworking> Shit, that would've been exciting
to be in that plane.

[12:21] <Jumpp> If it was sudden, that's kind of too bad.

[12:21] <Jumpp> You'd like for the guy to linger for a few
days, contemplating the ruin of his ambitions.

[12:22] <VaderWORK> haha

[12:22] <Chiming> I agree.

[12:22] <Jalynfane> no doubt

[12:22] <VaderWORK> I'd rather see him captured, since there
is always going to be the question of death confirmation

[12:22] <Gracor|notworking> Yeah, Iraqi citizens I guess were
kinda sad that Chemical Ali's body had been found.

[12:22] <VaderWORK> blow a guy up with a 2000lb bomb, how do
you know he's dead?

[12:22] <Jumpp> My new favorite pastime is watching that
batshit lunatic from their information ministry deny that
water is wet.

[12:22] <Gracor|notworking> They said they wanted him to die
more slowly.

[12:23] <Gracor|notworking> I don't know, isn't he a
legitimate military target?

[12:23] <Chiming> Joke going around: Iraqi officials line up
Saddam's look alikes and say "There's good news and there's
bad news. Good news is, Saddam is alive. Bad news is, he
lost his legs, an arm and has a burned face."

[12:23] <Jumpp> How will his doubles feel when they hear he's
lost a leg?

[12:23] <Jumpp> Why, they'll be hopping mad.

[12:23] * VaderWORK groans

[12:23] <Gracor|notworking> boooo

[12:23] <Chiming> sheesh

[12:24] <Jumpp> The information ministry guy is great.

[12:24] <VaderWORK> Yeah

[12:24] <VaderWORK> He needs to go on tour

[12:24] <Jumpp> "Want to comment on the invasion of Baghdad?"

[12:24] <VaderWORK> He'd be a great standup act

[12:24] <Jumpp> The americans aren't in Baghdad.

[12:24] <Gracor|notworking> Saddam must've missed the Motley
Crue video for Dr. Feelgood where the boss badguy lost in
the end.

[12:24] <Jumpp> "They're not?"

[12:24] <Jumpp> No, they're outside the city committing

[12:24] <Jumpp> "What's that explosion? It sounded close."

[12:24] <Jumpp> I heard nothing.

[12:24] <Jumpp> "There it was again."

[12:24] <Gracor|notworking> hahahah

[12:24] <Jumpp> A truck backfired.

[12:25] <Jumpp> "See those tanks over there, about half a mile

[12:25] <Jumpp> No.

[12:25] <Jumpp> "Right over there. With the big american
flags on them? They're headed this way.

[12:25] <Jumpp> A mirage caused by the heat.

[12:26] <Jumpp> Your "reality" is just another example of
western aggression against all of Islam. You are the one
out of touch with reality, not me.

[13:01] <Andaas|work> hi Phank

[13:01] <VaderWORK> Oh man

[13:01] <VaderWORK> I can't gossip about hoss anymore

[13:01] <Gracor|notworking> ha, hey andaas.

[13:02] <Gracor|notworking> The secret channel is infiltrated!

[13:03] <Andaas|work> wut.. I saw this at the phank forums :|

[13:03] <Gracor|notworking> hmmm, good point.

[13:03] <Gracor|notworking> We don't do much here other than
pick on the Iraqi minister of information.

[13:05] <Jalynfane> hello andaas

[13:05] <Aundine> Hi Andaas

[13:13] <Jumpp|fud> We love that guy.

[13:13] * Jumpp|fud is now known as Iraqi_Information_Minister

[13:13] <Iraqi_Information_Minister> All is well. The
infidels have been driven out of Iraq.

[13:14] <Iraqi_Information_Minister> The american marines are
now all working as prostitutes in damascus.

[13:14] <Iraqi_Information_Minister> What appear to be
american bombers in the sky above me are just the
reflections of swamp gas off of clouds. God is great.

[13:15] * Iraqi_Information_Minister is now known as Jumpp

[13:19] <Jumpp> In other news, the iraqi ministry of
information now reports that all our base are belong to them.

[15:38] <Jalynfane> I keep expecting to see the IIM pull his
shirt onto the top of his head and strt shout that he is

[15:39] <Chiming> It wouldn't be any more rediculous than the
things that he's been saying.

[15:42] <Jumpp> I think we outta assemble a tape of the guy
and use it for a drinking game.

[15:42] <Jumpp> IIM denies allied presence in baghdad: drink

[15:42] <Jumpp> IIM makes fanciful claims of allied losses:
drink once

[15:43] <Jumpp> IIM uses the words "jihad", "aggression," or
"zionist," drink twice.

[15:44] <Jumpp> IIM makes a claim that is demonstrably untrue
based on events within the camera's field of vision: finish
your drink.

[15:49] <Gracor|Work> ha. that game wouldn't last long.

[15:50] <Jumpp> Well, if you tape a ton of CNN and splice all
his conferences together I bet you could get an hour or so.

[15:50] <Gracor|Work> I mean everyone would pass out fast...

[15:51] <Chiming> People would drown themselves Jumpp.

[15:52] <Chiming> Maybe if you used shotglasses the size of
thimbles you could stretch it out.

That drinking game would go great with our news and government also. For every time someone says "terror" or "terrorism" drink.

Also, let me comment on SARS. Last year it was West Nile Virus. The year before that was something like killer bees I am sure. Each year the world comes up with something new to fear.

I for one think it will cause a "Cry Wolf" syndrome. We will all become so numb to the fear pushing that when it counts, we shall just yawn.

All this RL crap makes me wanna kill dragons again.

In other news Syke got his ultimate title and sent me this shot of him in his hawt red:

Also Syke sent in the leet new anti camping code in action in bazaar:
And Zagtor, who plays more than anyone I know is in trials to get in GAP. A lot of them are from Hong Kong. We thought GAP is better than some of the guilds we know of that level that have a few people we don't like much. Anyone would be lucky to have Zagtor on their team.
We all played a little warcraft also, but not much gaming for me this week.
So hope no one was offended by our little laugh at the Information guy. I will try to capture some of the Bush bashing for next week to balance it out. Also, Tabris did a new review!


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