Where are all the Phankers?

As most of you know, Phank has been taking it easy. I thought I would update everyone on what people are doing. First I start with Korus and Gracor who have been hanging with Lola and her guild a lot. That big red guy on the main page? That is something these guys are killing.

Lola took them to her home planet this week.
But being true phankers, they still die a lot.
And in new and interesting ways...
Now let's move on to the part of Phank we call "Texas." Monty is working like mad these days, and some of the other Phank Texans are finding new ways for less than two groups to kill stuff.

Aundine is checking out some beta, but still plays EQ a hella lot. Gastnor is also doing some beta...

Syke is playing by day, Sykette the trader by night.

Taunt is probably hanging with Lorainne.

I have no idea where Lothaar is!

Snakeeyez is still playing Tribes and surfing pron.

Biggnose is still wearing Pink pants.

Vynn peeked in the other night :)

Woapin and Linina are having a baby together.

Tori is playing her kitty, and Gunter is doing some beta too..

Quintis is peaking his head onto the boards a bit...

Our clever Jumpp is in fact moving to join the cult that is Texas soon, and hopefully once that is done we can get him opening his witty mouth again for the main page. He is flying planes and skiing.

Epiphany is off working like mad also, and waiting along with a few other Phankers for Star Wars to come out. Until then she is skiing.

Kinthalas is unable to play EQ atm, but hopes to return to nuke things soon, Gracor hides.

Intogo is XP'ing away!

We miss Loani, and have not heard from her in a while.

Gain is playing another game a lot also.

Zagtor has learned that trolls like sci-fi and is reading Dune.

Xakia is killing many innocent players in Shadowbane.

Sloop and Xerimus are up to no good.

Jodo is hating EQ as much as usual, but still playing as much as usual :P

Svolthoh and Kaellana are getting in some QT.

Tabris is still in Plane of Mischief. He kills a rat and a gorilla over and over.

Mvakai is hangin with us in IRC and on the boards a lot.

Phaera is about, but tending to her RL.

Glaur is still enjoying EQ a bunch, but feeling lonely in IRC!

Chiming is doing betas also, and drinking red wine and green tea.

Brithrax is also hanging with Hoss.

Bapt and Jaly are PL'ing Bapts Fiance.

Also, let me make a note of one damn cool weapon that is worth getting to the elemental planes for! It procs epic pets! If you are a warrior, it does warrior swords, bard are bard swords, etc... Here is Lhite who went LD getting it JUST in the nick of time. Check out the timer on that corpse:
One day in my youth a great Dark Elf Cleric, Ternada, gave me a robe. This week I passed it down to Baptiste's fiance, another Dark Elf Cleric.
While I was doing this, Tylia the great ranger logged on. Seeing as how I have not played EQ in months, and Zelda is not keeping my attention, and well, I just miss Tylia, we decided to adventure. We met up in PoK.
We head out to Cobalt Scar.
I get filled in on what Tylia has been up to during retirement. She sent SS's of it too.
Then we swam down into Sirens Grotto. Well, Ty swam down ahead to see if everything was ok for me to follow. She died horribly. But at Tylia's expense I remembered what a total blast a good CR is.
So we started fighting our way down again, and some other group was on their way down also, so we just followed them. We made it.
Then Tylia's little one tugged on her sleeve, and I had some cleaning to do, so we decided to leave. Tylia snuck out the back, and I waited for her to make it until I was attacked by a bad ass seahorse of much strength and gated.

Well, Tylia died again, so I found a ride from the kind Medicus. This is when the CR is getting good. Here I drew a path for you on my bad assness.

This, my friends, is when the game gets fun. Figuring out how to do things in ways the man did not mean you to do them. The planes may be nice for having graveyards, but CR's made you think! If only they could incorporate CR style gameplay into the game.
So Tylia and I had a freaking blast, even if we accomplished NOTHING in this god forsaken game. We accomplished something much greater IN SPITE of Verant.
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