Attack of the Frogloks!

This week Everquest released its new expansion. There were some damn cute frogloks to play. They also added more bank space and groovy new dyes.

Too bad half of Phank is completely burnt out on Everquest!
But certainly not burnt out on Phank. Some of us have still been playing EQ, but some of us have real life stuff going on so we can't give 5 plus hours a night. When that is the case we have fallen back on good old Warcraft. Some nice new maps.
It is perfect for an hour of play, or longer depending on what you want. BTW Laertes is Jumpp/Aanadien.
In Warcraft people like to say "GO" all the time in many creative ways. I think it is a kind of war call. I like to do it also, much after we already did "Go." Oh the joy.
We were getting our asses kicked on the "regular" kind of Warcraft, it had been so long.
Some of us got to actually play EQ also. And one of Phank even sent me screenshots unlike the rest of you! Thanks Jaly!
-from Jaly
-from Jaly
We also had a little fun just hanging out in EQ.
And more Warcraft!
So much of Phank are taking breaks right now. Some are playing other games, some are going into retirement (Svolthoh I am looking at you) and some are still playing EQ like always.

This is why I have changed the web site. It is a community, not just a guild. Just because someone does not want to play a game does not exclude them from the Phankish ways. Phank was created as a chat channel for friends to stay close. The web page is now the extension of that more than ever.

A lot of the time breaks are had before new games.... Zelda is coming out, and Star Wars Galaxies for those that can stomach another game made by our friends at Verant.

Enjoy your games whatever they are, it is your world. Phank on.

Happy 3-3-3 day!
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