Spring Break!
This past week the news will be short since there has been much battle and triumphs on mountains and beaches across the land.

But there was time to squeeze in some of that Uber Game....

Hoss also had a flawless kill of this guy.
Why is the picture so small? I don't want to give away any phat tactics, since they are not mine to give! However Gracor got this little item, which I have seen on many uber sites before not having any idea what the hell it was.
It is some piece for some quest, like a key,...er... ok I still have no idea what it is for. But it is phat leet. Really, trust me.
One day Hoss may see the glory that is Zagtor! Also lots of friends from the past have been peeking into our IRC channel... And some new ones peaking into our Warcraft channel!
Hope everything with the bee came out ok Corr :)

We also got a request for Phanklin wallpaper, but my copy of Painter is not working right now, so I have to buy a new one before I can make that.

Also HUGE congrats to Baptiste on becoming engaged!

Hope everyone is enjoying the first signs of Spring.

We at Phank, with the encouraging fan letters have decided community rocks, so we are opening the boards for all Phankers. Please stop in and tell us a little bit about you!

If you are bored, here is another thing to do:  Play Duck Pond!

And let me end on a picture Glaur was fourtunate to take on his vacation:

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