The Bad-Assness of Phank

There have been many questions about Phank lately.

There has been much sadness...
Much loneliness...
And a lot of games you surely don't want to know about...
With some of your favorite Phankers coming to the dark side...
And yet, there is a feeling we have. Something about the Phank family.
Something special, and yes a little strange at times....
Phank is transcending a damn game. We are crazy like that. We are in IRC, we are in WC, we are in EQ, we are in whatever other initials you can come up with.
Phuck if I am going to lose people like these (Svol cringes at me not using the real F word.) We have spent more time together than best friends in high school. And only a couple are creepy old men with mullets.
So yes, Phank are all doing other things, yet Tori is still adorable and Korus still hoards crap drops.
And Tabris still can't spell.
And our Gracor and Korus are playing the uber game now, a game I like to call ARROWED!!!!
So THAT is what being uber is about. Lots of arrows. I swear the smaller guilds are missing out. Well actually, some of the encounters looked fun. Some did not. Pretty much like everything in EQ.
Yes that is a giant Froglok. 
So other than lots of arrows, giant frogloks and Lola's odd armor there is not much difference with the uber guild and the small ones. Oh, I forgot, the spa treatments!
Let us take a look at Lola's outfit for a moment.
So I am grateful to IRC and the boards (which we are considering opening up a chat area for everyone) and War Craft, which I am currently playing.
Even while some of us are not playing, other good friends are coming back!
So something odd is happening. Even though we are all exploring new things, and taking breaks it makes me, and I know a few others, feel even closer. We understand what we have made together and intend to grow even stronger.

I believe that there is no path until you forge it. Welcome to Phank's journey into the unknown.

Phank on.

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